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3D scanner for custom industry engineered system solutions


Innovative engineered system solutions from design to final manufacture.

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We’re ready for your toughest challenges.

Promac’s designers and engineers have the skills, ingenuity and equipment they need to meet almost any challenge. We do a lot more than sell parts and fix equipment – we work closely with our customers to assess their situation and conceive, design and manufacture customized, long-term engineered system solutions. Thanks to our wide-ranging in-house capabilities, we develop strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers, who rely on us for quick, efficient service and creative problem-solving.

Custom engineered solutions with CNC machining and design

Smart solutions

Custom engineered system solutions to specific challenges

Whether you log, mill, mine, recycle, drill or frack, you need a one-stop shop for solution-oriented design-build, repair and custom manufacturing services. Whatever your challenge, Promac has the know-how and technology to pull it apart, assess the problem, engineer the solution and rebuild it better than before. We start with a thorough conversation with our clients and work closely with them throughout the process, guaranteeing that the end result will get the job done right.

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Collaborative Process

You’ll work closely with our team

Our engineers and designers don’t just work for our clients – they work closely with them to ensure that we provide the best possible solution, whether it’s a repair, a re-design, a custom build or a process improvement. From start to finish, our customers help ensure that new parts and equipment are designed functionally, built efficiently and, once installed, used properly. This exceptional ability to engineer customized solutions contributes to the strong, long-lasting relationships we have with our customers.

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Scott McKay, General Manager


Technology Innovation

We’re building a world-class group

We’re extremely proud of our diverse, highly skilled team, which includes innovative engineers and designers constantly focused how to make our products better and build them faster. We’ve committed to investing in cutting-edge technology – for example, we’re the first in the industry to use 3D scanning to create sawmill and pulp mill parts. We’re the only company that can design, engineer, machine and fabricate virtually anything in-house, providing a complete range of services to all our customers.

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Ask our customers:


We like dealing with Promac because Matt brings delicious cinnamon buns every once in awhile.

- Jarrad Astren, Western Forest Products


We have been working with Promac more and more since we reopened in 2008 and it has contributed greatly to our success. Their service and quality is the best!

- Dave Hooper, Harmac Pacific


Promac has a diverse range of shop capabilities that is complemented by a solid engineering team. They provide innovative design solutions and efficiently incorporate available materials and resources in their designs. I highly recommend working with Promac on custom fabrication work. They consistently produce good quality products and deliver on time.

- Phil Ponka, P.Eng.


I can count on Promac to deliver on-time and on budget. Their sales team offers excellent customer service and is a pleasure to work with.

- Mark Buckley, Western Forest Products, Saltair


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